Why Attend Pluralsight LIVE 2017?

I’ve just finished my latest course, How to Stay Abreast in the Ever-Changing World of Tech (in publishing queue…soon to be live).

I’ve talked a lot about how to stay up to date on things, grow your skillset and most importantly network.

During that time, Pluralsight was working hard on making PLURALSIGHT LIVE one of the hottest events in tech.

Immediately one exercise from course came to mind. More precisely attend at least one big event each year.

So, why not THIS ONE?

But before going into details let’s make one thing clear. I am not promoting the event just because I’m an author there.

Out of all the elearning platforms I work with, they are by far the most passionate, hardworking team. Not only focused on growing their numbers (like any business should), but also, focusing on the experience of their students and authors.

They really get it.

They understand what the concept of in service of others really means.

But let’s look at this from multiple angles, not just my experience of working with them, what exactly about this event makes it worthwhile?

The People

Just look for a second at the speakers.

They don’t have their COO or CFO talking. They have their Chief EXPERIENCE Officer, their Chief PEOPLE Officer. It’s the people that have the goal of making your life as a student better, not their financials.

Although the event is called PLURALSIGHT LIVE, it’s nothing about Pluralsight, it’s about you.

Among the heavy names and brands attending you have Stack Overflow, Microsoft Cloud, Adobe, Facebook, so you’ll have the chance to rub shoulders with the people that drive change in tech, not just follow.

The Topics

Looking at the Why Attend page you’ll see that the aim is not solely new technology, but learning and success. How you can integrate education into your organization and grow.

Then you have security, which has become more a problem of when than if. And awareness in this area might make the difference for your company.

The Agenda

If all you want, is the gist from the trailblazers then it’s practically a 2-day event. You arrive Tuesday evening, SEPTEMBER 19th, then have 2 days of keynotes and breakout sessions.

If you want to meet your favorite authors, then Tuesday you have an entire day for that at the Author Summit.

The Why

You can read all the details on their landing page. No need for me to be redundant here. But I’ll share some of the reasons and outcomes you should attend.

The point I want to stress on here is that you’re doing this for YOU.

For the You 5 Years From Now, That:

Will be prepared when their company/client gets hit by a cyber attack
Will see competitors fail for not adopting a new technology
Will partner up with company X because they know one of their managers from that event in September
Will have star employees because they effectively linked skill development with business growth

And even if you don’t attend, what I encourage you is not to ignore CHANGE and the role it plays in life and business, but EMBRACE IT, through learning, by exposing yourself to new viewpoints and demanding more from yourself.

You decide the future you want!

PS: Make sure to use the discount code 8UU6DC if you do plan on attending, my small gift to you, courtesy of the good people at Pluralsight.

Doru CatanaWhy Attend Pluralsight LIVE 2017?
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