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Let's Get Introduced!

  • Who We Are

    Expanding marketing agency from the EU with focus on online marketing especially social media strategies.

  • What We Do

    Create your online presence and interact with your target audience focusing on increasing engagement.

  • Why Choose Us

    It's simple, you get top notch work for a fraction of an onsite employee.

Focus On Doing What You Like

And leave social media management to us. We handle everything and you get a detailed report each week so even if you're not around you know the status of things.

This Is Our Work Process

  • Determine

    Determine relevant platforms to your product/service. For some clients smaller and more niche networks might get far more results in comparison to facebook/twitter. This is the stage where we maximize the effort to get the most bang for the buck.

  • Create

    Create the strategy and content guidelines. In plain english, create a content strategy, what to publish, where and when. Everything needs to run like an automated factory, but not losing the human touch on things.

  • Measure

    After doing all the work we consider analyzing results and taking data driven decisions essential. That's why we study the most relevant metrics and adapt the strategy accordingly.

Why Us and Not An Onsite Employee

Rock Bottom Prices

Just think about the costs involved to hire an onsite employees and the time it takes to get him/her trained and start implementing your strategy. By dealing with us you greatly shorten all those steps and go directly to implementation.

Flexible milestones

Unlike an employee where you pay him hourly with us you pay only for what you need. So if you only need 5hours of work per week for a recurring task, that’s all you pay for.

No hidden fees

By getting an onsite employee you accept the fact that he will have sick days, go on vacation, ask for a raise/bonuses…not to go into details about the auxiliary costs (infrastructure requirements) and also…taxes.

We won't leave

Unlike a “traditional” onsite employee we won’t leave in search for a better paying job or in search for a greater challenge, because this is our business, managing social media campaigns.

Social Media Management Packages

In case you don't know exactly what you need we've made some pre-defined packages that we think meet a broad spectrum of needs. For something adapted to your exact needs drop us a line.

MINIMAL (weekly)

$ 30 1st week just $5

  • 1x Daily Content
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
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LIGHT (weekly)

$ 100 1st week just $40

  • 1x Daily Content
  • 2x Blog Posts
  • 3h Facebook Networking
  • 3h Twitter Interaction
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • -
  • -
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POWER (weekly)

$ 500 1st week just $150

  • 1x Daily Content
  • 2x Blog Posts
  • 3h Facebook Networking
  • 3h Twitter Interaction
  • 3h Linkedin Networking
  • 10h Forum and Blog Mkt
  • Reporting & Analysis
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*when you will click Sign Up you will be directed to a Paypal checkout page, note that the trial period is 2 weeks because we take into factor the time it takes to share account access and to determine the exact style and content type you want for your social media networks.

What The Activities Above Consist Of

A more detailed explanation of what we will be doing for your company.

Daily Content Creation

Create a daily post that is distributed to all social networks. This can be a company update, a famous quote, a link to an interesting article, a picture or even a video.

Twitter Interaction

Monitor twitter for keywords relevant to your product/service and engage people who are asking questions about what you have to offer. Also engaging in conversations with industry leaders.

Blog Posts Writting

Write a blog post of 350-500 words that is relevant to your audience. It can go over changes in the industry, problems your customer might face or a change in your product/service.

Linkedin Networking

Promote your company on linkedin groups and linkedin pages to get targeted traffic and also increase company followers and presence on this professional network.

Facebook Networking

Interact with people on Facebook to make them engage with your brand. This will be done on industry relevant groups and pages so that those people fit your target audience.

Forum & Blog Marketing

Establish a presence on industry specific blogs and define you or your company as an industry expert so whenever someone will need a service that you offer you will be the first that gets the call.

What Past and Current Clients Say About Working With Us

  • Excellent work, I would highly recommend. The quality of the work was first rate, and over delivered on both projects they worked on for me!

    Darrel M. – Cloud360
  • Excellent work. Timely delivery. Highly recommended. I will certainly use your service again.

    Adrian M. – ACMADeveloper
  • AudaciousLeap is an absolute pleasure to work with. Doru's communication is very responsive and they work very hard to meet deadlines and get the work done. They always impressed me with their creativity and design work. They are very knowledgeable about web design and social media tools. Above all, their bid was reasonable, yet with a high quality product.

    Jeff Morris – MustDoSoftware

Still Not Convinced?

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