3 Minute Introduction to Adwords

How Adwords Can Be A Goldmine For Getting New Clients!

It fits all budget sizes and can be highly effective in local marketing campaigns. Once set-up it is a very low maintenance marketing solution requiring just a few hours per week.

Top 9 Reasons To Use Adwords

That Make This Marketing Channel Very Appealing For Businesses Of All Sorts

Fast Implementation

You can have a professional campaign running in just a few hours. All it requires is a few hours to identity the audience, create an engaging landing page and to hit RUN.

Results Driven

You only pay for results. If nobody clicks your ad, you don’t pay a dime. This guarantees that you get your money’s worth no matter what.

Local Marketing

Target only people in your country, city and even neighborhood sometimes. You can even target the Spanish speaking community in your city who searches for your product after 4PM.

Immediate Response

You get calls and emails the same day. There is no latency between running the campaign and seeing the results.

Full Control & Flexibility

You can pause and restart your campaign at any time. Increase/decrease budgets, select time of day your ad should run, select which cities it’s being displayed and 1000 other things.


Know at all time the return on investment of your campaigns. It costs you $X amount to generate $Y amount. If X < Y then the sky is the limit for your sales.


You can see at all times how many people clicked your ads, how many people bought your product and how much you paid for each click.

All Budgets Welcomed

There is no minimum budget. If all you can afford is $5/day then that’s your budget. As results start showing you will just increase your budget accordingly.


A bigger budget takes the same time to manage as a small budget, so when you decide to take things to the next level, the costs in time or money to manage your campaign stay the same.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire A Google Adwords Professional!

Better, Faster, Stronger

  • Faster Implementation

    Don't spend tens of hours learning the ins and outs of Google Adwords. Pay someone who already did hundreds of campaigns and can do things better and faster. So instead of delaying your launch for weeks, have it ready in days.

  • Better Results

    This is one of those cases where 1% makes the difference between being profitable or being bankrupt. A conversion rate of 2% will get you twice as many sales in comparison to a 1% conversion rate for the same marketing budget. The devil is in the detail.

  • Authentic Autopilot

    You might have heard of businesses that run themselves. Well this is one that truly does. Someone is still handling the work, but from your point of view this operation takes zero time allowing you to focus on more important things, like taking a vacation for example.

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