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Business Plans

Considering that the main part of our work focuses on implementing business plans and marketing ideas, who better to write a business plan that not only will look good on paper, but perform even better in real life conditions.

Core Elements of The Business Plans We Create

We strongly believe in practicality and taking action, because the main purpose of the plan is to get more people on board (brain or finance) and to have a guideline to where you (as a business) are heading.

  • Monetization

    Because this is at the core of any business. The ability to create a profit. Talk all you like about company culture but at the end of the months bills are in USD. This is why we focus on including a solid financial plan in all the business plans we create.

  • Operations

    You need to know what everyone needs to do, when to hire, what to hire, what tools to use and how to monitor day to day business activity. This is why we include a detailed operational plan to ease management and allow you to focus on a faster growth. As the saying goes, work on your business not in your business.

  • Marketing

    As Peter Drucker says "Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation." This is why we focus A LOT on marketing because it's pointless to have a great product/service if it doesn't get to the right ears. We will include the tools, platforms and methods to implement a successful marketing campaign.

  • Opportunities

    After everything else in your business is running on autopilot, the only worry you should have is finding more and more opportunities and also knowing which ones not to take. We leave you with two words: "Batter Up!"

Other Components Of The Business Plans

All plans will cover these topics. Most of them will be accompanied by detailed spreadsheets where it is required and also a video recording that goes in depth on all the topics presented.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting even more results from the same amount of traffic.

Sales Funnels

Creation and optimization of a performing sales funnel that will not miss out on any leads.

Landing Page Optimization

Create a complete list of changes needed from the technical side of things to copywriting recommendations.

Website Traffic Estimations

Estimation on the traffic your competitors get to determine online campaigns size.


How much do you know about your target audience? Location, age, education, income.

Traffic Sources

Where are your sales coming from, how about your competitors sales?

Market Size

Find out how many people are actively searching for your niche/products.

Cost Per Sale Estimation

Find out how much it would cost to market your product/service.

Product Price Positioning

After doing all the research we identify the final cost of your product/service that includes production, marketing and of course profit.

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