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Research Projects

The main focus of our research projects is on niche and/or competitor analysis. Research is an important step in any form of planning and you know what they say “Fail to plan and plan to fail.”. You can utilize this service to identity the traffic stats of a competitor, his SEO strategies and also have a rough estimation of sales. We can also determine if a specific business idea you have is feasible and if it can get a positive ROI and in how much time. This way you won’t waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to test an idea.

Most Searched For Research Reports!

These are the top 4 most sought after research reports we did for clients. Bellow you have the main topics they cover.

  • Traffic Audit

    Ideal for when you have a website but don't really know anything about visitor demographics, conversion rates and ROI and want a simple to understand report to give you a birds-eye view to determine future investments.

  • Niche Analysis

    Determine the size and potential of a niche and also the estimated cost per sale or lead to help you determine profitability. Determine size, cost of marketing and main players.

  • Lead System

    Identifying the best and most effective way to get leads. We will identify a sustainable channel for your marketing and give you a solution that will run on autopilot and will require minimal involvement from your part.

  • Competitor Report

    Have a competitor that's succeeding and don't know why? Let us help you determine his traffic sources and what he does. Then you can emulate his tactics and achieve the same success.

Main Features Included In The Research Reports

All reports will focus on these metrics. Most of them will be accompanied by detailed spreadsheets where it is required and also a video recording that goes in depth on all the topics presented.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting even more results from the same amount of traffic.

Sales Funnel Analysis

Find out where in the sale process you are losing sales and recommend changes.

Landing Page Optimization

Create a complete list of changes needed from the technical side of things to copywriting recommendations.

Website Traffic Estimations

Estimation on the traffic your competitors get to determine online campaigns size.

Visitor Demographics

How much do you know about your target audience? Location, age, education, income.

Traffic Sources

Where are your sales coming from, how about your competitors sales?

Search Market Size

Find out how many people are actively searching for your niche/products.

Cost Per Sale Estimation

Find out how much it would cost to market your product/service.

Product Price Positioning

After doing all the research we identify the final cost of your product/service that includes production, marketing and of course profit.

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