Published Courses

# Course Name Category Platform Date Published
1 Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses Marketing Udemy 09/June/2014
2 Twitter Marketing For Small Businesses Marketing Udemy 02/September/2014
3 Copywriting Masterclass - Writing that Sells Marketing Skillshare 27/November/2014
4 Social Media Marketing for Your Startup Marketing Pluralsight 20/June/2015
5 How to Start and Run a Successful Freelancing Business Entrepreneurship Pluralsight 10/October/2015
6 Online Business Strategies for Total Beginners Entrepreneurship Udemy 01/November/2015
7 Time Management for Technical Professionals Productivity Pluralsight 09/March/2016
8 Communications for Better Technology Deployments Marketing Pluralsight 04/October/2016
9 Boost Your Productivity: Adapt, Improve, Do! Productivity Udemy 08/October/2016
10 Get Productive: Time Management Hacks, Strategies and Tools! Productivity Udemy 10/December/2016
11 Pitching the Project: Winning Management Buy-in on a Project Entrepreneurship Pluralsight 07/March/2017
12 Personality Tests: How Employers Use Them Recruiting Pluralsight 03/June/2017
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