Meet The Team

We're not many but we get things done!We each specialize in our field of expertise because it's better to be an expert at one thing rather than be average at a lot of things.

  • Just Do It!


    Doru Catana Creative

    The dude that tells great stories.

  • I Still Don't Like It!


    Andrei Popa Head of Editing

    The dude that makes those stories look pretty.

Company Milestones

A brief snapshot of our company stats at the beginning of 2017 and where we want to get by 2018.


Lifetime Clients

In our 7th year of existence we aim for 50 more active clients more actively focusing on video creation and storytelling. Effective sales tactics are not enough anymore to achieve success.


Training Programs

Develop and create 52 training programs to offer professionals that want to hone their skills and companies that want to internalize their marketing efforts. Right now we have 5 published with Pluralsight and 6 with Udemy.


Production Tools

Develop a complete arsenal of tools that will allow businesses to better tell their story and reach their audience. We already have two items published on Envato that have been well received.


Coffee drinking

Fight caffeine and fizzy drinks addiction or as the slogan says “Drink Coffee! Do stupid things twice as fast!” We estimate we’ll drink a ton of coffee by the end of 2017.

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